Shredder wich I am offering to you rigth now is an 2 axis waste shredder.

Design based on experience that I have from Switzerland. I have worked there with several shredders and this one is one of best , one of most reiable machines that i’ve had.

It is simple and really does the job well . Can manage about 150-200kg of material per hour – depends on material you shredd

This version was tested with :

2.2kW motor with gearbox, after gearbox 14-20RPM (1500Nm – 1050Nm )

1.5kW motor with planetary gearbox  12-18RPM (1200Nm Р900Nm )


This is an old Prototype of mine wich worked very well :

You shouldn’t shredd with it : any chemical explosives , metal . It was designed for plastics , wood , wires.