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Fresh Noodle Production Line
*Modularized design, Integral structure, easy to assemble and operate.
*The whole line is managed by advanced controlling theory with high-performance PLC and speed driver. Stable performance and high level of automation.
*High-precision digital processing ensures the mechanical performance attains the best within the scope of design.
*The cover and the bucket are made of stainless steel, which meets up with the standards of food sanitation and makes the whole machine beautiful, clean and easy to clean up.
*The leading function of date statistics and the universal network extension interface can provide real-time and accurate database for the enterprise ERP systems.

Introduction Of Fresh Noodle Production Line
The fresh noodle production line consists of before the slitter part of instant noodle production line, which has the characteristics of unique process, novel structure, reasonable design, safety and reliability of operation, convenient to maintain. The capacity has 4 tons to 12 tons per shift to choose. There are 300 mm to 800 mm for choice in roller width.

Continuous Rolling Machine
*The placement of slitter in 10 degrees, can make the noodle silk is even and tidy, and reduce the weight difference in unit volume.
*The material of roller and gear, the technological of process and requirement are the same as compound rolling machine.
*To ensure the smoothness and thickness of noodle surface stay in step, adopt the single power transmission amount of seven group of continuous rolling.
*All the cover made by stainless steel.
* The stainless steel door plate is directly sealed to the frame base, and the paint can not be seen outside
*PU belt for forming net, frequency control.
*The knife pivot of slitter made by stainless steel. Two set(one for machine or backup)
*The rolling machine is change to dual purpose at the exit. One for forming belt to connect the cooking machine. Second for cutting machine conveyor.
* To ensure the smoothness and thickness of noodle belt stay in step, adopt two groups of powerplant to transfer and each group of rolling machine are imported NSK roller from Japan. Two group motivation equipment both use variable frequency speed reducing motor by using photoelectric switch to achieve the speed of transfer stay in step.

About Our Company
Our company is the only one who have several numerical control equipment which was imported from Japan and own the highest advanced control system, which guarantee the high quality of the production line. Besides, we have a subsidiary company, who is specialized in automation control system for food machinery manufacture, and it provides the product for many food machinery manufacturer in China. Professional, high-precision numerical control equipment and automation control system. Our company are not only to provide the equipment to our customers, but also furnish customers with relevant the process of production and technical assistance, as well as the equipment of installation, setting-up, personnel training, after-sales service etc. So it makes Broadyea become one of the best food machinery of first-class domestic counterparts in China.
We believe: An outstanding quality, Broadyea creates. We are looking forward to long-term cooperation with you.

Quality And Production Process
Excellent production process and perfect quality system
Production link 100% quality testing
Iso9001:2000 quality management system certification

Provide an advanced and high-level of automation noodles production line in the worldwide. Fresh Noodle Production Line manufacturers



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