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Spreading it to the world.

Hello Everybody.

This is a great moment !!

I have good news for everyone, every enthusiast wich wants a shredder . Wich want to be part of this movment , wich want to build it !
I have officialy posted it online today.

I’m offering over here plans and CAD files of the big shredder (2 axis ) wich I have designed.
I am currently producing the first complete version of it ( it is taking forever …).
Sometimes some people are asking me when it will be avaible, thats why I have decided to post the plans I have over here.
You can try yourself alone and build it.

I have made package of the drawings ( avaible as well on mine website )

I will upgrade it as well in the future.
This is everything what I can offer you at this moment .
Machine will be able to maitain 100-200kg of material per hour ( depends of weigth of the material)

I will develop soon safety board for it , that machine will be safe.

If you have a workshop and are willing to try your strength with it.
Then go on. Try it.

And please do not share this files online!

1 thought on “Spreading it to the world.

  1. Hei man,

    This looks fantastic. Everything you may need to start recycling.
    Would you be willing to share the CAD files? I want to build this myself.

    You can email me (you should have the email now that i commented).
    And I will not share them online. 🙂

    Great job

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