Shredder finally alive

Beaver1 s ready to rock&roll , we have took our chance to finish build of the shredder. I am suprisingly happy because it works fine. The video inside post ( click “read more” to see video ) Machine production takes about 1-2 months. the shredder will cost about 5.5 – 6 thousand euros. if you …

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Plastic Pollution

I’m working hard to bring you as many shredders as I can. But from time to time is good to see what is happening around us . This source shows us on simple infographics some infos about plastic pollution : This means that we need more shredders, and more machines which could help us recycle …

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Step by Step, Ferociously

Happy 2019 to all of you! I’m working on the Beaver1 still. Work is progressing slow. Over here some pictutres of the reducer I have bougth to try new waste shredder out. This is an german motor from the company NORD, 2.2kW | 19 RPM |1115 Nm Best wishes

Site under construction

Hello Shredding enthusiasts! As you propably see , this site is under construction at this moment.But the store is working. If you are having some questions please contact me. Stay in touch